About Us:

‘The Central Region Farmers Trust was set up in October 1999 to hold the local funds of the three County branches of the Central Region of the NFU, after the financial organisation of the NFU was centralised and all national monies were transferred to headquarters. Trustees were appointed by Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and Berks, Bucks & Oxon to administer the Trust.

Subsequently, the Central Region of the NFU was disbanded and BB&O County branch was added to the South East Region of the NFU. CRFT is now a stand-alone organisation..

The objects of the Trust are to promote for the benefit of the public the improvement of agriculture and horticulture and to advance education in those subjects. The Trust holds substantial funds.

Recently the Trust has decided that the best way to carry out its objectives is to fund a Nuffield Scholar each year and to that end organises a conference and evening meal at different locations when the current scholar reports on his experiences and answers questions from aspiring future scholars’.

Chairman - Simon Weaver
BB&O Trustee - Bob Uglow
Wiltshire Trustee - Peter Gantlett
Gloucestershire Trustee - John Tingey